To set up a manufacturing facility needs to make countless decisions. In this journey, one of the most important milestones is to select the best-fixed site to put the facility. It will not be only the initial costs for the sub-lease land but also many other foreseen and hidden costs that relate to the decided location for the factory. Investors need to conduct a series of surveys and site visits, to collect vast information for the decisions. Our “site location advisory” services are designed to cope with these matters and for the clients to make the right decisions.

Business leaders who have plans to set up new production facilities or expand business operations and project teams who need comprehensive analysis, data-driven information, and methodical evaluation support. Those who are to make decisions in site location selection or need sufficient information to weigh the trade-offs for confident decisions. The site-location selection advisoryservices can also be applied for warehousing or logistics projects.

We add in our services with a spirit of service, the professional with technology-integrated evaluation and consultancy. This would provide insight, foresight, and oversight for the site-location decisions of our clients.

Our services are designed basically based on general criteria the site selection needs to take into account while flexibly customized based on our client’s specific needs, strategies, and priorities. In addition, our deep-dive research and analysis supported by technology, then reviewed by expertise, will provide clients with data-driven recommendations and the best-fixed proposal that clients are truly confident to move forward.

We C+ Consult. are an experienced team with diversified backgrounds in manufacturing and consulting. We are backed by professionals and experts in many industries and possess a professional and reliable network.