Our Story

Our story comes from realizing the challenge of making countless decisions of business owners or leaders in investment projects overseas. Like a project of manufacturing facility setup, there are countless decisions during the project implementation process. Among the varied decisions, ones on site-location selection are the most critical.

Why is the site location decision the most important for a production project? The reason simply is this decision will directly impact not only the initial project investment costs of the project but also the future operation costs as well as many other expenditures over the project lifetime. The project investment consists of costs of the project’s land sub-lease, land-use right, design, engineering, construction, equipment imports and procurement, and many others. There seem to be so many; however, they are visible and countable.

This site location decision is truly a challenge for the investors. There could be a dozen requirements and conditions for a suitable site location for the factory depending on specific industries and project sizes. The Investors need to conduct a series of surveys and site visits, to collect vast information for the decisions. It is not that comparing two sites is thought easy.

How will the investors do? How do investors know they have made the right choice? How do they assess differently weighted conditions in a series of criteria for the site-location selection? In many cases, the investors made decisions on the site selection for their factories without a thorough evaluation and quantified comparison.

C+ Consult. is founded to cope with those matters by providing clients with professional advisory services supported by our unique-built methodology and technology for the right site selection. We have designed the entire process of these decision-making paths and shall alongside clients throughout the whole journey. With this differentiated know-how, the spirit of service, and the company’s experienced consultants, we could make clients’ investments the most efficient.

We strive to keep ourselves the trusted business consultancy in Vietnam.

A trusted business consultancy



Serving clients with the highest responsibility and joy of service, we ought to deeply listen to the clients’ requirements and needs.


It is us but no others whom the clients trust. We perform the work in the aspect of both an expert and the owner of the project.


We make our clients’ investments the most officient which proves in cost and time savings, risk mitigation, growth and sustainability.


In the long run of a project, persistence with goals is a key to accomplish success. Carefulness would contribute to higher productivity.

• Contribute to the work of attracting foreign investment capital into Vietnam

• Bring the best investment efficiency to our clients with a spirit of service

• Create a happy and vibrant workplace while behaving dedication and service

• Be responsible to environment, society, and sustainable development

C+ Consulting

Who we are

C+ consult. is an experienced team with diversified backgrounds but an united vision and mission. We are backed by professionals and experts in many industries.

Talent, experience, know-how, and technology application enable us to serve the clients in identifying the best locations for their manufacturing facilities. We accompany clients in the entire project execution.

We understand how important the right site location decision is and its dramatical impact on the project’s future operating costs. The difficulty of having right decisions on site location would not only come from being lack of collected data but also come from being lack of analytical tools supported by technology and a trusted consultancy.

That’s why we design these services for you. We are committed to providing first-class services to our clients.

We care about a single cent of your investments.