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10 outstanding achievements and milestones of Vietnam in 2023

C+ Consult. would like to introduce 10 outstanding achievements and milestones of Vietnam in 2023 that was selected by the country’s government portal.

1. Vietnam continues to be a global economic bright spot

In 2023, Vietnam has been recognized by many international organizations as a country with many outstanding achievements in socio-economic development. The macroeconomy is basically stable; Inflation is lower than the target set by the National Assembly; Public debt, Government debt, foreign debt, state budget overspending are controlled; growth is promoted; Major balances of the economy are guaranteed. GDP growth for the whole year is about 5%, which is a great effort in the context of a very difficult global situation.

2. Foreign affairs and integration achieved historic achievements

Foreign affairs and international integration work has been implemented vibrantly, methodically, continuously, with comprehensive success and is a highlight of 2023, with a smooth, tight and effective combination of foreign affairs. The highlight is the organization of successfully welcoming and receiving official state visits to Vietnam by US President Joe Biden and General Secretary, Chinese President Xi Jinping. A series of visits and working trips abroad by Party and State leaders have deepened good relations with many important partners. Vietnam’s image, prestige and position have thus been raised to new heights.

3. Outstanding changes in highway development

2023 is the year with the most new expressway projects completed and started in more than a decade. From the beginning of the term until December, 729 km of expressways have been completed and put into use, bringing the total number of km of expressways in operation to date to 1,892 km, and about 1,700 km of expressways are under construction. strive to complete and exceed the country’s target of having about 3,000 km of expressways by 2025 and 5,000 km of expressways by 2030.

4. Perfecting institutions, laws, mechanisms and policies with innovations in direction

In 2023, the National Assembly passed 16 laws, 29 Resolutions and commented on 18 bills. The Government organized 10 thematic sessions on law development, giving opinions on 47 contents, focusing on completing and submitting to the National Assembly the Land Law project (amended). The Government issued 86 decrees, the Prime Minister issued 29 normative decisions. The overall program of state administrative reform has been implemented drastically and effectively; which focuses on reducing, simplifying, and decentralizing administrative procedures.

5. Agricultural product exports peaked

In the context of many difficulties in the market, the total import-export turnover is still estimated at 683 billion USD, with a trade surplus of about 26 billion USD, of which agricultural exports, especially vegetables, fruits and rice, reached a new peak. with many record numbers. The agricultural product group reached 24.3 billion USD, an increase of 17% compared to last year. There are 6 products with an export value of more than 3 billion USD including coffee, rice, vegetables, cashew nuts, seafood, wood and wood products. Fruit and vegetable exports reached 5.6 billion USD, a record high and far exceeding the initial expectation of “4 billion USD for the whole year”.

6. Record in FDI capital disbursement

As of December 20, 2023, total registered foreign investment capital in Vietnam (FDI) reached nearly 36.61 billion USD, an increase of 32.1% over the same period, the third highest year in the period of 2008 until now. Implemented capital of foreign investment projects is estimated at about 23.18 billion USD, an increase of 3.5% compared to 2022, which is an all-time record disbursement level in the context of global investment trade being affected. narrow. In 2023, Vietnam’s business environment ranking also increased 12 places globally.

7. Drastically promote emerging industries and fields

The year 2023 marks new milestones in restructuring the economy, developing emerging industries and fields, promoting science and technology, innovation, digital transformation, green transformation, and digital economic development, green economy, circular economy, knowledge economy, sharing economy. The science and technology market has developed. The national innovation startup ecosystem is thriving, with the inauguration of the National Innovation Center (NIC). Vietnam focuses on building and completing 03 National Creative Startup Support Centers in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang.

8. Resolve difficulties and free up resources

The Government continues to direct ministries, branches and localities to focus on reviewing, detecting and promptly handling shortcomings, difficulties and problems, both in terms of legal regulations, mechanisms, policies and organizations. Implementation, unlocking resources, and supporting businesses to overcome difficulties, promoting growth, creating jobs and livelihoods for people, and ensuring the lives of workers. The Government drastically handles and removes difficulties, limitations, and inadequacies, developing all types of markets in a synchronous, safe, healthy, sustainable, and integrated manner.

9. Exceed all social planning targets

All social planning targets have been achieved and exceeded, clearly demonstrating the good nature of our regime, not sacrificing progress and social justice to pursue simple economic growth. The work of ensuring social security and taking care of the lives of workers, especially disadvantaged groups and policy beneficiaries, continues to be promoted. People’s lives continue to improve, the average income of workers increased by 6.8%; Over 94% of households are estimated to have stable income or higher than the same period in 2022.

10. Promote the prevention of corruption and negativity

The work of preventing corruption and negativity continues to be promoted, affirming that this is an inevitable and irreversible trend, contributing to consolidating and strengthening people’s trust in the Party and State. There have been many new advances in the investigation, discovery, and trial of many major cases; has initiated new prosecutions, investigated many particularly serious and complex corruption and negative cases, and public opinion is very concerned about them occurring in highly specialized fields, closed operations, with a mix of State and non-state sectors that have not been handled so far.

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